Airbnb: Mertola’s Villas in Batangas

June 7, 2018
Airbnb review: Mertola's Villas |

Updated: January 2018

Time flies! Or did I just hibernate? I can’t believe it’s been a month since the last post! Anyhoo, I’m back with a new post that I’m sure nature lovers will err, love.

The Juanderers have been away, well, not really far away since we’ve been on a staycation that was only about 2 hours away from the Metro. A place for nature lovers that is just 2 hours away? No way! But yes, there is such a place.

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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Palawan

May 28, 2018
The most beautiful beaches in Palawan |

The Philippine government’s announcement last month on the temporary closure and rehabilitation of Boracay island was met with applause and controversy from different groups. Boracay, being the most popular island in the country, with its lively night scene, various water activities, and gleaming white sand was visited by over 2 million tourists in the past year alone. While I totally support the decision, we also know that we are bound to lose both revenue and visitors in the 6-month rehabilitation. Airlines have scaled down their flights to Caticlan and Kalibo. Tourists who had plans to visit the island will have to cancel or transfer their flights.

The good news is, for those who have plans to visit the Philippines, you have an awful lot of other equally beautiful destinations to visit instead of Boracay. The Philippines has over 7,000 islands (7,641 to be exact) that choosing where to go can sometimes get confusing. Only around 2000 islands are inhabited and that leaves the other smaller islands untouched and yet to be explored.

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Airbnb Review: Subic Rainforest Retreat

May 14, 2018
Airbnb Review: Subic Rainforest Retreat |

We’ve come to that time of the year when everyone gets too excited to go to the beach, plan their trips to some place colder or hotter? In my case, it is escaping Manila to avoid the heat and traffic.

The first on our long list of places to visit this summer is Subic. The place is very convenient with it being just 3 or so hours away from Manila by land, beaches are a few minutes away from the city, and most homestays are inside villages surrounded by lush rainforest. Subic is actually like a city within a forest. If you’re flying in, you’ll be glad to know that it is also very near Clark airport.

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The First-Timer’s Guide to Hong Kong: Planning a Family Trip

January 19, 2018
Hong Kong 4-Day Itinerary |

The First-Timer’s Guide to Hong Kong: Planning a Family Trip

There is no doubt about it. Families with kids choose to travel to Hong Kong because it is home to the infamous Disney characters in Disneyland, and there are also other popular attractions for the whole family, like the Ocean Park, museums and of course, countless shopping districts.

So when my family planned our own first out-of-the-country trip, there were no questions asked, we were going to Hong Kong.

If you’re visiting Hong Kong for the first time with the whole family or a big group, then I hope this travel guide can help you plan your trip.

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